Saturday, July 2, 2011

I can only ask

There are times when we want something desperately, we don't get it by that moment. The thing we asked maybe beneficial for us, but please do realize that Allah knows best for His slave. He won't make us disappointed by letting the do'a goes like that. He will fulfill it, it just the matter of time. So here, the poem is written by me a year ago.

Sometimes I think and keep thinking

Ask and keep asking

Nobody is there instead of everyone’s here

I wonder why…

Reminiscing about how terrible the hope is judged

Like stabbing into somebody’s heart

Not to forget his lungs too (ha3..)

But still I want that

This is my biggest hope

To protect me, guide me, guard me

Please listen to me

It hurts too much

Don’t make the pain deeper

Like crying without tears

The pain, incision is too unbearable

Too sick to cry on letting go everything

Yet it is inside there creeping and hurting

Nearly insane before fighting

I will make my hope come true

To fulfill my responsibility shouldn’t be neglected

InsyaAllah I’ll find my way

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