Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm losing what I don't deserve

Do you know what hurts most?
Do you feel it?
Are you sure about the pain is killing our inside?
Are you throwing the joy by yourself?

It hurts a lot when finally I realize something
Realize that I am losing something that I don't deserve
Damn its true
and Damn its killing me inside!
Screaming out loud
Perhaps pain echoing out of myself
and Never come back
I don't believe in myself anymore
Because I betray it without mercy ...

The fact is written this way
Can't take back either burn into dust
What I see is darkness
No one's offering me their hand
To pick me up to the light
Nobody cares to show me their arm and let me cry on
Nobody wants to wipe away my tears
Nobody...and the fact hurts much...

and Finally I wish for nothing...
No more

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