Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mr. Stranger

Hey you
Why you say hi
When I give you goodbye gaze?

Hey you
Why are you flirting over
When everything is covered?

Hey you
Why you smile at me
When even I am miles away?

Hey you
Why you stare at me
When I feel like to slay you?

Hey you
Why you feel like I fall to you
When I sarcastic-ly build wall around you?

Hey you
Why you think that you're handsome enough
When I feel like you're no more than my great(5x) grandfather when his oldies?

Hey you
Why you blow your breath to me
When I feel like fainting is the best meditation

Hey you
Why you show how gentlemen you are
When I feel you are less then gentle-men

Hey you
Why you keep holding your phone
When my phone-Blackberry is more upgrade than yours?

Hey you
Why are you pretending talking sweetly
When I think you are nothing more or less like street guy?

Hey you
Why are you walking like a model
When I feel like you are damaging your coordination system?

Hey you
Enough pretending
Because no one is demanding
Yet you are still
And now I am blowing your head off...

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