Monday, December 26, 2011

Just let the tears shed away

She runs
She keeps her pace steps steady
Until last step reach the midway of the road
She cannot run anymore
Tears drowning


Time passed very slowly.
How can people snooze up when it is quickly fly away?
She doesn't get  it clearly
About dump and being dumped


She cries silently in heart
How can I be so cruel?
When others are waiting for my help?
and I leave them like that...


For the first time in her life
Stepping her foot here
She smiles
Sincere smile carved straight from her heart


Comes hell or high water
Comes good foe or bad friend
Comes hideous rainbow or beautiful rain
Comes love or hate
She will always be beside them


*Seriously I am very sad at this particular moment. Even I smile on the outside, tears drowning inside
I myself is pathetic...
Just let me be


  1. ha3..biasala hazirah...kalau takdak masalah means Allah tak sayang kat aku la..


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