Sunday, June 19, 2011

If theres somebody, calling me on

If there's somebody calling me on...
He never leaves me alone
Always be there no matter when, where, why
When my heart beats pain rhythm, He soothes it with his words
Where my action is ridiculous, He provides me Prophet
Why I fall and keep falling? Because He wants to hear my voice

If there's somebody calling me on...
Sun, sky, sea and soul
Everything around me to show how beautiful His love is
I narrow my vision
Careless about my surrounding
I blinded by the darkness of feeling

If there's somebody calling me on...
Then I see a glimpse of light
Not much but enough to wake me up
To strengthen my spirit
To trigger my mind
To appreciate the soul
Which lost long time ago

If there's somebody calling me on...
Finally smile carved on
The fate is written
And now I am standing here
Making decision
If all about Him, I rather die than rebel
Because His love for me is indescribable
For I will sacrifice everything to meet with him
Him,whom the one calling me and never stop calling me...
He Greatest Creator, Allah :)
Thank you Allah


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