Monday, June 20, 2011


I saw him yesterday
Hoping to see him again today
No luck...know that

His eyes seem to say something
But I am not an eyes-reader, so I can't read those eyes
But I can totally stare at those mesmerizing eyes
without doubt...

My eyes in return ask him "What it is?"
What your eyes want to reveal the secret of your heart
as I know eyes are the windows of the soul

I'd like to run away From you,But if you didn't come
And find me ... I would die.

Starting that day, I flee
In my heart, I tremendously rebel my action
I want his answer, and I want it now!
But I realize my limit
To stare someone somebody's eyes are bad enough
It feels wrong, it feels hurt deeply
So I will never attain those answer which lies at the bottom of his heart
I know I will NEVER know it

Mind urging struck by his presence
Heart still in rebellious state
Eyes, contacting those
Indescribable moment fill the air
Speechless, stare hard, not wasting every tick seconds
The eyes answer...
And my vision is blurred by the tears

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