Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I do feel lonely inside and outside
Because no one is there instead of everybody is here

I worry bout of all things that should not be
Because I feel insecure swirling around me

I touch my cheek and taste the tears rolling down
Because I never realize when it pours

I weakly conscious bout the enemies lies inside me
Because I feel everyone around me is my friend

I ignore above the sky
Because I always think below the sea

I roughly shake things that shed my soul
Because I cannot bear the pain

I look at the rainbow for no reasons
Because I know my spirit will be charged whenever I look at it

I deny the fact that I love you
Because I don't want you and I to feel the pain

I cry for I see you in front of me
Because I cannot bear to say how much I miss you

I allow myself being hurt
Because I can feel how sweet sacrifice can be

And sometimes..
I don't know what life will be if above all the things I change with everytime
Because there are always sometimes in everytime.

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