Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The crying sky

The crying sky
It pours freely
No one can stop it
It wets her face
But the droplets do not stop
Eagerly falling towards the earth
Searching a turning point to crash on
The crying sky
Deeply thinking about the future
For she sacrifices a lot
To reach for eternal happiness
The dream of everybody
How she endure the obstacles
With a carve of smile on her face

The crying sky
Being hurt painfully
Accepting the fact that the fate has written
Still smiling sweetly
When the whole world is crying for her
How strong she is to fight the battle
No one care...

The crying sky
And now she stands
Under the crying sky
Cry,cry and cry
Because she knows, nobody will notice that she cries
When her tears are complement with the rain's
Where the heart is beating pain rhythm
Why she still smiling through the day
Because she believes in her Creator
She looks at the crying sky and smile

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