Monday, July 4, 2011


The world is laughing at me
They acknowledge of my weakness
Like the needle penetrate into my vein
Misery is floating in head
Why should it happen this way?
I try to leave everyone blinded by the fact
And yet they reveal it through the darkness

It slays me inside and outside
Dunno how to react towards the pain
Cause it diffuse straight through the skin
It feels numb all over the body
Paralyze within seconds
Venom spreads at its best speed
Even they are chance to survive
But then, it brings no signification
Cause I can feel the cold swirling around me

Enough satisfaction to watch me die
I will stand up other time
To take every single revenge fulfilled
I will
I promise I will
You who stands at the end of the world
Get ready
Once I launch my grudges
I think no one else but darkness
Because my mind is numbed by you...
Err, I think my poem is not about killing others.


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