Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thank You for give me chance to feel the air of 19th Allah

Thank You
For 19 years give me chance to inhale the deepness of air
You are there, still there, sure be there
Waiting for me
Smiling peacefully
Because I'm here from You
For You
And will return to You

Thank You
You swallow the pain just to let me see the world
You raise me up until I can conquer the mountain
You take everything on my side
You don't always say you love me but your action do it
You stay up because to see me sleeping soundly
When I cry in pain, you cry together in your heart
I know I can't do anything to pay every single thing you pour on me
Except thank you

Thank You
He who always be there for me
He who tries his best to fulfill my request
He who also cries in his heart to see me crying
He who are there to wipe away my tears
His hand never let go off my hand until the right person come and take it
He who are very serious in certain circumstances
Not to show madness but to hide his greatest love
He who borrows his arm for me to calm down
He who loves me till the end
of his life...

Thank You
They are there to guide me
They are there voluntarily being there
They are there not only because of the same blood
They are there to show how much they care
They are there to protect me against the outside world
They are there around me
Tightly bonded by the love

Thank You
For being such a good company to me
You are indeed a special person in my life
Every single person of you
Who exists in my every breath I take
The memory with all of you is indescribable
How beautiful the friendship
I will never find in other life
I love you friends

and Thank You
To you
Who you never know that you are there in my little mind
I really hope you read this,
but I know, even if you read it,
you don't know that I am describing about you
but then, still I want to say thank you
Your presence cheer my life much
Even I just can stare at you in very hideous way
but I satisfy for I can see you smiling
to show that you're happy, and I'll be happy as well

Thank You all. Allah, mak, ayah, adik-beradik, friends, and him... Thank you very much. I will never pay back for what all of you did give to me.


  1. happy birthday! [?]
    All the best. :)

  2. happy belated birthday! :) him?? ehem2.. :D

  3. shh....ha3. no one lah. saja create a new person so that no one out there is hoping for me :)


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