Sunday, August 14, 2011


Smile can carve within two lines
As long as it will shine

Smile is contagious
Make someone feel prestigious

Smile brings happiness
To hide those sadness

Smile create harmonious environment
Which shine like a diamond

Smile attracts eyes
When vision running through lies

Smile is a curved lips
Downward together with the hips

Smile show love
In the presence of ivy dove

Smile remains a tale
Till the remaining breath exhaled

Smile turns dessert to pole
As long as everyone hold

Smile as long as you can smile
Cause it brings significant thousand miles

Trust me :)
So let us smile always because in Islam propose us to smile.
Smile is a gift
So people out there, don't be too serious ok? Sometimes we need to cheer up, not only for us, but to affect others as well.
Ok, nytez, I heart you all. tq :)

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