Sunday, August 14, 2011


Before things get more complicated, its better for me to take a break first. I need some air. My head is spinning like a roller coaster goes crazy.

Its all because of PREPARATION!!!

and of course I'm not prepare anything yet. ha ha ha

My mak said, if my blood pressure is NOT reaching the normal point, she won't allow me to go ANYWHERE...
(this is crazy)

For your information my blood pressure shows a very pathetic reading which is 83/58
(no wonder I feel dizzy all the time)

And my immune system is not really tough
-I always catch a cold (almost everyday I guess)
-So easy to have fever

Kak Fizah is ready to nag all day long for me ( This is the part where I feel I want to embed the tiny earphone in my ears without no one notice it =P)
But I know, she cares for me. She just wants the best for me

I look up for my luggage
Very small
Not enough
Buy new
Later on
Wait for my bro's and sis to come back

Cooking lessons?
Oh, I hate this part very much as I hate the part where I need to pack things up

Its not that I hate cooking, I love cooking very much but then I don't really fond of eating, so I don't really care of cooking things

All I want to do is just stack up my bag with 1 year maggie stock (ha ha ha !!!)

So people out there, want to help me? advice me to boost my spirit in cooking and packing. hik9


  1. ur BP sgt rendah laaah ..

    tamau3. tamau makan megi.X)

    Get well soon. :)

  2. itulah pasal...
    tamau makan megi jugak..
    tapi i've got no choice left.
    btw, tq very much :)


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