Monday, August 1, 2011

You are sarcastic as mouse circus. Do you NOTICE that???

I really am going to explode
I dunno why
Maybe because there lies so many explosive substances in my body

I dunno what to write actually, but I want to write
OMG! I'm sick
Sick because of the circumstances around me
What happen with all the highty-mighty spirit?
Gone to Guantemala already

Everyday I pray to get IT
But when the thing I pray for..
Is right in front me
I see it.......
Watch it....
Stare it.....

For a long time
Hmm..then I sigh
I actually dunno what I want
I'm really sick mak
Someone out there care to bring me to psychiatrist?
Please do it immediately
Or else I'm going worse

Silence isn't always the best answer (scream might be)
Somebody who care to talk to me
Please, show yourself now
I am hungry
Hungry of attention
I must be crazy
Crazy pretty girl
Ahah! I like that
Last but not least
Hepi Ramadhan Day :)

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