Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When the sun shines we shine together

Alhamdulillah because finally what I hope for is rewarded

-What is it???
-He3. let it be secret till 3-4 days before I tell all of you kay? (InsyaAllah)
-Good news?
-Yes for me(no for you that might miss me like hell)
-Ahah! That's it! I dunno
-Trying to hide ah?
-No, just let it be like this for the time being

Heee....I just want all of you out there, pray for me kay. Hope everything is going fine and smooth.

When the sun shines we shine together

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  1. menarik blog ini, truskan berblogging.hehehe... saya dah follow awk, terima kasih krn follow saya juga yer... (^_^)


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