Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Price of Hijab

I'm sorry
I know I should post something
Poem bout my feeling
But then
Sadness take away all my spirit
Drowning in lonely ocean

My physical appearance before was like normal ordinary teenage girl
But now I'm change for good...
Everything seems like before
Baju kurung, t-shirt muslimah etc...
But the only thing change is...

My hijab

Maybe before this my hijab only tudung bawal bidang 45
And after
My hijab widen bit by bit
Until like I'm wearing today

There's always a but behind there
People not satisfy with the new way I style my hijab

At first I try to push away those insult
But then, I can only cry...

I've got no one
Except Him


  1. Assalamualaikum.. seems like u're having problems with words from the people around u.. i'm maybe not a good person, but I wanna advice u something.. don't hear that words.. just ignore it.. what's important is Allah words.. i hope u'll be able to endure it all.. sekian, salam ukhwah.. =)

  2. I try to. but I dunno..maybe i was so upset since the words come from people close to me. btw, thank you very much. I do appreciate your advice. :)


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