Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Say it when you confront

Salam dan Selamat Malam

I've got no intention on being Shakespeare tonight
So, let us just talk ok
I know my English is bad
But what do you expect my proficiency towards English
When I nearly choke down to speak Arabic in every single day here?

You know what
I hate the phrase: "Love is in the air"
For me Allah is enough, why bother?
I am woman
Always seek love under man
What can I do...

I am weak
Absolutely weak
Cannot restrain myself from the feeling of
To be loved and love someone

In Egypt
Taking bus to the faculty
Meeting eyes to eyes
I hardly shield my heart
Not to gaze into someone's else eyes
Cause I really love to stare into people's eyes
This is VERY dangerous

Ordinary human being
Whom be borned with every minor flaw in my DNA
How steady my concrete be
I will always collapse

It is just because one meeeting
Everything change...

I suddenly feel something
Something unease
I know what it is
But I dunno whether my act of saying it here
Will oppose the object of rationality

I just want to tell that I ...
It is wrong? Tell me, its wrong!
Before something goes WRONG!

Maybe next entry
I'll make it a poem then.
I love carving my heartsay in a rhyme names poem
Because I am Farah Hannan binti Mohamad Isa

I dunno what the name of this gamek. but what did I know I snap this pic at Alex. :)

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