Monday, May 23, 2011

Once I ignore, I ignore it for the rest of my life

It is hard as though to maintain it. To keep it. To preserve it. it feels like someone somebody somewhere out there are ready to kill you. Well, as long as it takes me to paradise, I don't mind, I take it. Discuss bout being ignored is very wide motion after all. I always take things for granted. It starts when I had a fight and I will never turn back and ask forgiveness. Call me an egomaniac or what, but when your heart is stepped and torn badly, you'll know how thirst your revenge will be! I am waiting to attack, to kill slowly, excruciatingly to see him yell. ha3. I am really waiting for that moment. But feel like someone slap me hardly, I am not barbaric person who smile to see others suffer physically. But I am standing here lurking in the dark to attempt the mission.

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