Monday, June 20, 2011

To all Hijabi out there :)

'O Prophet! Tell to your wives, and daughters and Muslim women, that they should keep putting a part of their wrapping covers over their faces. This is nearer than this that if they are recognized, they should not be annoyed. And Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

For those insulting eyes staring at you
For their lips will care-less about your appearance
For their aim to destroy your dignity
For their mind planning thousands intentions to create a new darkness of you
The propaganda is spreading fast to go against this hijabi

You are standing there, proudly
You are smiling mesmerizingly
You are confident of yourself
You are about to take hold against hideous attention people give
You are bold enough to walk in the public when the wind of authority is wildly float all over the world
Because of all thing most important and powerful after all is only Him, our Creator

Everyone all around you is waiting to pull out your hijab
Everyone wants to smile to see you're being illiberally judged
Everyone wants to laugh at how you act against humiliation
Everyone cannot bear to see you calmly standing there and pretend nothing happen
They wish to see your religious is vanish insignificantly from this world wide web
Because they are envy by the fact that all the hiijabi's can still carve a smile whenever storm battering circumstances

So, for all those hijabi's take care of yourself. Whatever happen.never take off your hijab as it portrays your pride, not only you but Islam itself. :)

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